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  核心提示: We have seen such a scene in the television drama: the enlightenment monk or elder of noble charact...
We have seen such a scene in the television drama: the enlightenment monk or elder of noble character and high prestige is basically a through the life and death of fan children, may indeed be seen through the red past, so most people choose accompanied with buddha! As most mortals we may easily penetrate the life and death, but in the "forex21" in this game, you may have the opportunity to taste the reincarnation, feel the moment of life and death of unforgettable experiences!
Of course, a reincarnation experience is not enough, as the saying goes: Peony death ghost also romantic, of course, in this moment of life and death farewell, beauty is still not less! This does not, Hunan TV upstart Shen Mengchen endorsement portrait, let more want to enter the game player with smooth game play impulse, then this "forex21" end game experience? What is the link between life and death? Let's go together to preview the following!
Picture performance
As a full of martial arts plot of the game, but also has a strong plot of magic, the main elements of the cross era, you can imagine these sparks crashed out of the picture should be how amazing! The "forex21" picture of the game did not make a lot of game player disappointed, the game comes with a chivalrous tenderness, and showing a different legend of magic in the world.
Sway swing with, using fluid simulation technology is everywhere, whether it is the role of the hair or hair mounts; and underwater light refraction and dynamic light, dynamic bridges show at a glance, and particle effects and so on, the use of these technologies to let us see different martial arts legend magic world.
"Forex21" tells the story from the beginning of the creation of the world a magic fairy Pangu, after the war, between the family, the demons, the Terran struggle calmed down, but who do not know what time is the next war, and this period of time is the time of peace game player experience!
Since the game theme of forex21 is "life and death", there is bound to be a dispute! In fact, in the "forex21" game player in the game needs to do is to win the key "forex21", because once the forex21 to determine the ownership, not a reign of terror broke out again.
Features play
In the "forex21" in the game, to say the characteristic system, a character system, it can be said that in the "forex21" in the game, there is a lot of occupation, the dragon war, thousands of arrows, and fighting, gameplay is not a different occupation, but the occupation belonged to the character system, game player can freely the switch in the process of fighting, whether BOSS or brush copy can be flexible, full of freshness!
Of course, the most important system in the game "forex21" or "forex21" system, including forex21 and The Classic of the Great Wilderness, game player can constantly practice and upgrade of the final harvest is full of attributes and items, and extra power pumped into Oh, everything depends on luck!
The "forex21" game as a magical Webpage Game with martial arts style, in the picture of the game, the story and gameplay has a new breakthrough, especially through Yin and Yang between life and death of the ultimate experience, I believe that many game player should feel will be very exciting and enjoyable! In the world, life and death have been doomed, but in the forex21 game, you can dominate your own life and death, and even the future.


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