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  核心提示: '1.85 blue legend' was the 'forex21' forum propaganda repeatedly emphasized, the official interpret...
"1.85 blue legend" was the "forex21" forum propaganda repeatedly emphasized, the official interpretation of the script interpretation of what is "1.85 blue legend for us". If you want to script that was told that his life time will end, only dragging Bingqu generally like a wild animal was imprisoned in the square enclosure, life can see the vast world. What about you? Whether the script like if heartless world, do not believe, be the master of your own destiny? So all that in the world, the sleeves swaying with every soft breeze, fickle years widowed Italian, in the "forex21" 1.85 Blue Dragon legend, Xian boarding order. Although we can't get to that script like psychic with heaven for your misfortune but we can dragon in the "forex21" in a glimpse of longevity, breaking all unhappy.
Dragon pictures
The dragon "forex21" picture can be said to be the ancient Webpage Game in consistent routine, smooth and clear picture quality, many scenes, a vast, brilliant mage priests, in the picture reflected in every frame are done very atmosphere, there are several scenes of the small shock is still quite large.
The dragon is playing "forex21" and "forex21" forum a propaganda routine, are "1.85 blue moon legend". When we entered the dragon, the Dragon interface is a man and a love of the goddess of the solemn hand weapon and master shoulder, behind a magnanimous star, empty can deeply appreciate the role of "1.85 blue legend" determination.
After entering the dragon to complete the task role from several white cranes began leisurely under the dim mage over a pine forest began, although the body metaphor in the dark, but can not stand. With the main task schedule, the master has slowly turned into a red sun, then is to a fine day. The change of the surroundings caused by the change of mood of the leading character easily brought the player to the situation of "Dragon Slayer".
For although the "dragon is the most archaic style, but the other dragon for water is often the need to describe the static game player to imagine the water dragon" forex21 "is the flow through a few fish in the pond can deeply feel the words still waters run deep artistic conception, the Dragon screen to 32 praise.
Dragon Slayer experience
The dragon "forex21" in the fight to uphold the most archaic style game player "dragon, not what passion, two knife has no feeling, character attack skills is not gorgeous, only when a big move turned upside down, the rest of the time is a simple stamp two.
As mentioned above, the "Dragon Slayer" painting in forex21 is well done, and the fluidity of the water is visible under the contrast of the fish. One can also bring out the rippling water, that is "forex21" role by water time, will automatically take off your clothes, swim in the water after the past and then put on his clothes, which not only has the feeling of water through the game player, can clearly feel the real beauty of static curl.
Features play
Probably because of wanting to hang out with the TV series "forex21", there are a lot of skills in the Dragon Slayer forex21. In the Dragon Slayer forex21, there are four kinds of player skills: professional skills, special skills and transfiguration skills. This skill can be the game player skills completely separated, occupation skill is used to attack skills, special skill is the role of derivatives, basic skills and skills back to the blood itself is the role of this kind, and finally to focus on the skill is turned. "Change" is turned and skills forex21 skills are often "the dragon is not the same," forex21 "the skills turned to undertake a physical condition leading script, given a black Prince turned, and the two task character gameplay adds fun dragon.
Second "forex21" feature is played partner system, although it is called partner system, but this time is always change dressings, do not change soup. "Forex21" partner system includes three items: partner, soul and fetters. Normal partner or partners, an attribute is added to the power and soul partner's blessing, soul can also fight alone. Finally, the fetters of play is to partner and soul together to increase combat power play attribute. Partner system such changed partners play single Webpage Game, fusion in partner on the basis of an additional layer of soul is equivalent to love partners, so that partners play is very successful.
To sum up, that is, Xiao Bian for the Dragon Slayer "forex21" dragon killing demo, the dragon picture is very successful, fighting scene a little waste, gameplay changes also created new gameplay, in general, it is worth playing. I hope you can also find a way to break your worldly barriers like a script.

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